in love: heather & matt, indianapolis


where do i start? how about, pardon for the complete photo bomb about to hit you. these two are so photogenic, literally almost every photo was a good one. i’ve known heather since high school (and my high school band days) but we’ve been fairly disconnected up until she got engaged and asked me to photograph her wedding! did i mention the wedding will be at the arts in the garden at circle center? mmmm yep! can’t wait. heather is a big time dentist now. she even does house calls on photographer’s boyfriends mid-shoot. if i were in indy, i’d go to her for my dentist. just saying…
we had so much fun, after dodging good old mother nature, with the shoot and managed to hop all over indy. i will never say no to new locations, so i obliged everything heather threw at me. from butler campus, to the monon trail, to an adorably cute farmers market and finally down to mass ave. oh and did i mention we ended the day at bub’s burgers, with burgers (duh) and milkshakes? now that’s my kind of shoot!
thank you, so much, heather and matt for an incredible day. i can.not.wait for your wedding!!

IMG_5579f IMG_5571f



HIRSCH-5636f HIRSCH-5592f

did i mention their dogs, franklin and toby were part of the shoot?
well hello, toby.
HIRSCH-5679f HIRSCH-5681f
one of my favorites (ever) on the left.
HIRSCH-5689f HIRSCH-5755f


looooove this. canvas. big time.

HIRSCH-5817f HIRSCH-5830f


hi, heather. you’re pretty.
HIRSCH-5879f HIRSCH-5893f
betcha didn’t know that left/right sign was above your head, did you?
HIRSCH-5908f HIRSCH-5913f

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