remember this really embarrassing post a while back? getting an email from a photographer i so admire and it basically bringing out the 13 year old inside of me who ohmygoshtheequivelentofjustinbieberjustemailedme. woah. fast forward to 4 short months after that and my love asked me to marry him. the first call i made after telling […]

i’m speaking for myself here and don’t mean to overgeneralize, but as a photographer there are certain locations in which one dreams of shooting. places usually inaccessible to the “normal” person. in this area, for me, that place is league stadium in huntingburg, indiana. more famously known as the home of the rockford peaches. even […]

oh these two. well, three. i don’t think i’ve ever been around a more physically in love couple. and keep in mind, i was coming off my own engagement high the day earlier when we took these! and we should really take a moment to let ashley know how amazing she looks! only 3 weeks […]

you know those people, in life, who live up to every word people say about them, like it’s almost too good to be true? “oh, he’s such a sweetheart”…”isn’t she the sweetest?” brooklyn and terry aren’t too good to be true-they’re the real thing. the last time i spent time with brooklyn, she was about […]

when i first decided i wanted to really do this photo-thing, i booked mainly families which was what i thought i really loved. that first year a delightful couple took a chance on me (my words, not theirs) and it’s a chance i am forever indebted to. that year i shot a couple weddings and […]