in love: emily+anthony; huntingburg, indiana engagement photographer

i’m speaking for myself here and don’t mean to overgeneralize, but as a photographer there are certain locations in which one dreams of shooting. places usually inaccessible to the “normal” person. in this area, for me, that place is league stadium in huntingburg, indiana. more famously known as the home of the rockford peaches. even more famously known as the place tom hanks, madonna, gena davis and rosie o’donnell spent a long summer making one of the most famous sports movies of all time. that place. anthony just so happened to know some people and we were granted access to the stadium. swoon.
when i first met with emily and anthony, i was so thrilled that they booked me. thrilled. i could tell from the moment i met her/them that i wasn’t just a photographer to them. emily knew my work, appreciated it and wanted it for her own. is there a better feeling in the entire world? no. after our shoot i couldn’t help but smile because it seemed emily and i were on the exact same wavelength. i’d suggest a certain pose i a certain location and she’d say “i was SO hoping we’d do this shot!” and this isn’t even mentioning that i believe emily is one of the most joyful spirits i’ve ever been around. i obviously don’t know her the best but i kept walking away wondering if anything gets her down! what an impressive quality.
these two are a great ying/yang partnership. anthony’s quiet-yet- strong disposition yields to emily’s bubbly, light-hearted personality. i can see why they compliment each other, bring out the best in each other. i wish them nothing but the best and can’t wait until their september wedding! (it will be the first wedding i shoot as a married lady! woah…)

gear used: canon 5d markii, canon 24-70 2.8, canon 50 1.4

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