life: and slowing down

it seems lately my life has a reoccurring theme: traveling at warp speed. my brain is full of wedding details, work projects that seem to keep piling up, and weekends booked solid with photo shoots. let me be clear that none of these are bad problems. they’re all beautiful and i am solidly thankful for them. however, as i’m sitting here looking at the date i realize that it was a month ago this weekend that josh asked me to marry him. how in the WORLD has 30 days gone by?
over easter weekend josh and i hit the road, bound for a niece and nephew in ohio. we even managed to care for both children (which included a trip to the zoo) by ourselves. it was so nice to have a couple days where my to do list included nothing more than reading 24 books to hadley.
here’s to a weekend of clearing your mind of clutter and taking time to enjoy the simple things.

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