in love: cassie & aaron; french lick, indiana


so let me just say, i am IN LOVE with this shoot. before i tell you what a joy these two were to work with, let me first tell you that mother nature (MN) was SO not having it. we had to cancel our first date due to torrential downpours and what happens the day of our rescheduled date? yeah. thanks, MN. only this day, it was mist+humidity+fog. and now that it’s over, i can say the light (or lack thereof) scared the crap out of me. i was so a hot mess by the end. anyway, since i’m leaving town for two weeks on monday and my june is really booked, we decided it was time to suck it up.
cassie and aaron trusted me. trusted me in the rain. trusted me to work fast and i can’t tell you how much that means to me and these photos. it made all the difference in the world. these two were SO comfortable in front of the camera. as you’ll see in the photos, it seemed as though i was literally a spy capturing little moments of their every day life. as a photographer, i am constantly asking myself what i would want, if these were MY photos. this shoot? it’s the epitome of what i would want in an engagement shoot.
ugh. ok. enough gushing. i am so so proud of this shoot and am officially OFF THE CHAIN excited to shoot their wedding in october. yes, i just said “off the chain.”


HENKE-7133f HENKE-7166f


HENKE-7156f HENKE-7186f



HENKE-7223f HENKE-7230f

seriously? come on. the fog, the twirl, the dress? fairy tale.

HENKE-7313f HENKE-7329f

pure cuteness right here.
HENKE-7341f HENKE-7367f


the image on the left is getting BLOWN up and will reside on my “wall of fame” in my office.
HENKE-7377f HENKE-7404f


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