What do you get when two super close families have a wedding? A LOT of love and celebration. I was so excited when Elizabeth reached out after her engagement and was even more excited when I discovered it would be taking place at a brand new venue and they had booked one of my favorite […]

Brenden and Lauren began dating a lifetime ago when they were just teenagers and that young love has transformed into such a partnership. A partnership that everyone wants to be around, which is testament to their large bridal party! During the day I had this sudden thought that Brenden and Lauren are like Elf….in a […]

Pardon me while I try to find the words to summarize Abby and Kraig’s day. Both Abby and Kraig have this light about them and seem to find a way to blanket everyone around them in that warmth, making them feel loved and appreciated. I’m not sure I’ve met another groom as happy (all the […]

After spending the day with this lovely family, it hit me: They are The Bravermans from Parenthood. Quirky, artistic, colorful, there’s so many of them and they love. Hard. The addition of Manny and his family into that only makes it better. Who doesn’t want to be a part of a family like that? And […]

While they went to high school together, it wasn’t until post-college life that Sydney and Kyle were reunited and Kyle finally asked out “THE Sydney Roll” and the rest is a beautiful love story. Sydney is the kind of person who welcomes you into her universe with zero limitations. And her universe is FULL of […]