well friends, it’s officially the thick of wedding season. things have certainly ramped up and while i couldn’t be busier, i also couldn’t be happier with the amazing clients i’ve been working with and the photos i’ve been producing. last saturday we were blessed with an absolutely perfect day. there was a crispness in the […]

sometimes things in life are meant to me. kismet. peanut butter and chocolate, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, baseball games and beer. in a metro area with a population of over 8.5 million, amanda and patrick managed to find each other among all the politicians, lawyers and young college graduates determined to make their mark on […]

if there was one singular thought I have about matt and heather’s wedding day, it can be summed up with the song title “we are family”. no, not everyone in the bridal party was related but family isn’t always blood. this group had bonds so visibly tight, it made my heart feel warm and gooey. […]