i do: amanda + patrick; jasper indiana wedding photographer

sometimes things in life are meant to me. kismet. peanut butter and chocolate, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, baseball games and beer. in a metro area with a population of over 8.5 million, amanda and patrick managed to find each other among all the politicians, lawyers and young college graduates determined to make their mark on this country. patrick and amanda found a way to make a mark on each other’s hearts and decided to make it permanent last weekend by celebrating with some pretty amazing friends and family.
also meant to be? patrick, of very irish background, got married in ireland (indiana). talk about fate.
amanda, patrick, i don’t need to tell you how amazing your support system is. i was absolutely amazed at not only how many of your friends and family traveled, especially from the dc metro area, to celebrate your day but at how much love they all share for you. you see…amanda’s dream was to have an outdoor reception at her parent’s house. lovely, right? well, amanda wasn’t expecting a wedding day with highs reaching 114°. that didn’t matter, though. no one complained (except for me when i about hit the deck during portraits after the ceremony) the entire day. no one cared because the sauna-like conditions didn’t matter. what mattered was that patrick and amanda found each other, got married and darn-it, they were going to celebrate!
patrick…amanda…i hope you’ve settled into your newly married life and are enjoying every second of it. i wish you nothing but happiness and love.

how GORGEOUS is this cake presentation!? i’ve never seen anything like it-and that’s saying something!

patrick had custom cuff links made for his groomsmen and dad. he, his dad and brother had their family crest on theirs. love it.

i had to share this photo of patrick with his mom. it was SUCH a special moment that had everyone, me included, in tears. his mom is a huge u2 fan and grew up taking her kids to concerts. she requested a u2 song for their mother/son dance, but patrick said he had something else picked out. you can imagine her reaction when “one” came on.


patrick + amanda

ceremony: st mary’s catholic church, ireland indiana
reception: bride’s family’s home
bride’s gown: david’s bridal
flowers: marcia lindauer (marcia knocked it OUT OF THE PARK with amanda’s flowers. my favorite bridal bouquet ever. can’t wait for marcia to do MINE in september!!)
tuxes: siebert’s, jasper
first dance: “you are the best thing” ray lamontagne
father/daughter dance: “walk with you” edwin mccain
mother/son dance: “one” u2

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  1. Patrick Doyle says:

    Big shout out to Meghan and her talent capturing these special moments so vividly! – Patrick aka The Groom

  2. Mena Sternberg says:

    The pictures are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing-it was such a beautiful wedding with such a beautiful, loving,
    couple like the both of you! All you need is love and there was a lot of love in Jasper, Indiana on July 7th!
    Aunt Mena

  3. Grandma Doyle says:

    Amanda and Patrick,
    I wish you a lot of love and happiness and a long life of happiness together. God Bless you both. Love, Grandma Doyle
    (just saw your blog with Aunt Lisa. It’s amazing what that Facebook does!)