friends with her sister for a while, nathan was very excited when he heard sara┬ámoved back to the area….and she was single. the two got together and quickly realized this was for keeps. they finally said “i do” under the most perfect vintage glam tent last saturday in front of their nearest and dearest and […]

while it was boiling hot and i’m sure some little things went awry, erica and ryan’s day was so perfect. these two wear their love on their sleeve, which makes my “job” so easy. erica was one of those dream brides who booked me according to my open dates (one of those “she likes me….she […]

being around katie and jon, it doesn’t take long to notice that katie is jon’s rock. i grew up with jon and seeing him in the light of katie and their now marriage was really wonderful to witness. everyone deserves to meet their person and getting to photograph that on a weekly basis is what […]

sometimes things in life are meant to me. kismet. peanut butter and chocolate, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, baseball games and beer. in a metro area with a population of over 8.5 million, amanda and patrick managed to find each other among all the politicians, lawyers and young college graduates determined to make their mark on […]