super senior: grae, part II; jasper indiana senior


you should remember grae’s first session we did earlier this spring. how different was this shoot?? we went from shivering (i forgot how that feels, at the moment) to absolutely sweating! you’d never know it by looking at these photos, though. i have to say, if i could marry the light we had that morning, i would. maybe it’s legal in NY state. (haha. silly joke.)
on a personal note, in the last two sessions (this with grae and morgan‘s) i feel like i’m really falling into the groove of finding good light and not pushing locations i think will be super cool. good light will always trump a fantastic location. and if you’re lucky enough for those two to fall into place together? fireworks. the result of this groove is the most natural photographs i’ve yet to take and the least amount of post editing i’ve ever had to do–and for as little as i do, that’s saying something. of course, having such beautiful clients helps, too.
grae, i’ve had so much fun through this process of working with you. i know wherever you end up next year, you’ll become a fantastic architect. oh and good luck picking your images to order, i ended up with over 100 usable images. that’s easily a record.
with (all) that said, let’s dig in! put your helmet on, i’m about to throw a lot of images at you. starting with my favorite, above.

prickett-2226 prickett-2238

prickett-2254-2 prickett-2278-2

prickett-2283 prickett-2302

how parisian do these two look? love it.

prickett-2331-2 prickett-2334


prickett-2361 prickett-2362


prickett-2369 prickett-2384

2nd favorite photo:



well, hello, supermodel! put a girl in heels and BAM, this happens:

prickett-2414 prickett-2417

oh, hai, long legs.


there is something about the pureness of this photo that i absolutely love.


prickett-2478 prickett-2488

prickett-2507 prickett-2574



prickett-2622 prickett-2653

and finally, my 3rd favorite. this so needs to be on a big canvas that you can take to college with you.


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  1. Absolutely STUNNING!

  2. Lauren Englert says:

    that first picture is insane in the membrane. awesome.