palms of st john


do i get bonus points for a rhyming title? didn’t think so.
i got so many great shots of palm trees on our trip that i decided a dedicated post was in order. doesn’t the above picture look fake? no photoshopping involved, promise. the images are from various beaches, mostly gibney. did you know that robert oppenheimer owned the house, which still stands, on gibney beach? in our 6 (yes, 6) visits to the island, this was our first time going to gibney. parking is a problem (thank goodness) which keeps people away, but man was it worth the wait. it was BY FAR my favorite beach we’ve ever been to on st john.

IMG_0010 IMG_0027

IMG_0069 IMG_0030



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  1. ellen says:

    It was your 7th trip……….just sayin'