my two dads (part 1)

belated father’s day post. and by belated, i mean, on purpose, as i knew dad wouldn’t check this over the weekend.

dad and me (2 years old?)

dad and me (2 years old?)

i’ll reserve post one for my dad-dad. i think it’s safe to say that most little girls grow up as the apple of their father’s eye; i am not an exception to this rule. growing up, weekends at dad’s meant all of life’s treats that mom would never allow me to have. read: pop-tarts, all the sugary cereal i could fathom, movies i probably shouldn’t have watched and i don’t recall him ever making me eat my vegetables.

dad taught me countless things over the years, like how to appreciate both golf and baseball by teaching me how to play (and watch) both. he tried, but failed, to teach me how to drive a stick (i think i’m just a faulty daughter). and i never realized, until one time he called while one of my friends was in the car, that he is such an optimistic, happy person. after hanging up, laura said, “he has just an upbeat tone. every sentence ends in an upbeat way.” he’s obviously upbeat, but i had never thought about how he speaks, and it’s true. that’s not to say that things (like bikes left in the driveway, footballs/baseballs/basketballs left out in the rain, leftover food items in the living room, etc…) don’t make him mad, believe me they do. but the storm usually passes quickly.  he also heavily influenced my love for photography. in fact, it was so hard for me to find a picture of the two of us bc he is always behind the camera. mental note, camera hogs…. as far back as i can remember, dad has had a camera on him at all times; also a trait i inherited. also inherited was his eye color, which i like very much.

so, thank you dad, for being such a patient, loving, treat-giving, photographer of a father. love you lots.

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