life: sofia & hadley (+ nicholas and emma)


get ready for a photo bomb! but first a little ¬†backstory: hadley and emma’s mom contacted me to do 1 year old photos of her daughter, along with her friend’s daughter, sofia. sure, no problem (and super cute). i come to find out that both moms were born on the same day, PLUS hadley and sofia were born on the same day. crazy, right?!
so the point of the shoot was some one year old goodness, but when you’ve got both siblings together, you must take photos. so photos we took. hadley’s sister, emma, is super shy but i can relate to that completely. in fact, i have a feeling my parents have some very similar photos of me at that age. and mr nicholas? oh my. isn’t he the sweetest? the photo of him trying to hand emma a flower kills me.
thank you so much, holly and brehan, for asking me to capture such a special group!!!



love this. she looks like little miss muffet.

IMG_5320f IMG_5342f

if this were my family and this was my photo, it would be going on a big ole canvas. just saying….


IMG_5415f IMG_5422f

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