life: gabe, taryn and cole


how sweet is this family? gabe is in 1st grade, taryn is in kindergarten and little cole just turned 2. though his older brother and sister needed no warm-up time at all, cole took some gentle guidance. until i pushed him a little too high in the swing and we had tears. dumb photographer with no kids who doesn’t know that 2 year olds don’t like to swing high.
anyway. i’ve known gabe for a little while, as he goes to the same sitter my brothers went to. gabe was best known in our family as “baby gabe.” he was also known for the fact that he used to steal my brother’s food while at the sitter.
these 3 were so full of energy and, despite what their mother will say, did a great job and i can’t wait for more sessions with them.

IMG_5161f IMG_4980f

IMG_4972f IMG_5109f

i love this moment below. so sweet.


IMG_4923f IMG_5003f

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  1. Janelleschmitt says:

    Awesome! I love them!

  2. So great!! I love the one with them all piled on top of Gabe!! CUTE!

  3. Rljordan says:

    These children are absolutely adorable!

  4. Marlaenglert says:

    Janelle & Drew,
    these pictures are adorable!