beyond unbelievable

i was just digging around our server for images to send to our web developers for the new site and i came across a folder labeled “vintage photos_historical society.” holy drool all over my keyboard, batman.  these are so amazing i wanted to squeal.

happy couple

happy couple

i’ll start with the hotel.  i have no idea when these were shot, i’m guessing the early 1900’s just based on the history of that hotel. it’s amazing to see it now vs then. then there’s the clothing!  swoon!!! i wouldn’t quite call it flapper but it’s almost there, so that puts this at around the 1910’s.  the hat, the haircut, her t-strap heels.  love. and the gentleman! his knee-length pants with high socks are fantastic, along with his tie/shirt/sweater combo. you didn’t really think ryan seacrest invented this look, did you? you know those are all wool, too.  i can’t image that was very comfortable during a balmy fall afternoon in southern indiana. this should all go to show and prove that fashion is a constant wheel that keeps coming back, again and again.

for all you golfers out there, this is pretty fantastic, too.

dapper dan golfers

dapper dan golfers

did i totally make you want to come visit yet??

photos are property of the Indiana Historical Society and are not for publication or use without legal, written consent. (how’s that for meghan legal talk?)

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  1. Ryan says:

    Cool pics. Thought you might like to know the guys pants are called knickers or plus 4’s. I may bring ’em back one day in memory of Payne Stewart.

  2. Sarah Connolly says:

    Too Cool, Megs! I really enjoy looking at all your pics! Hope the new job is going well!