weekend roundup


what’s that you say? things look a bit…different around here?! i’ve been working for MONTHS with ryan of second street creative to completely redesign my branding and website. it was SO needed, especially my website. it was such a labor of love and i am thrilled with how everything has come together.

in the coming weeks i hope to really talk about and explain why i added things like city guides and where other things now live. in the meantime, pull up a chair and take a look around!

it’s been a long time since i’ve done a weekend roundup, so let’s catch up!

hazel is knocking on 3 months’ door! i can’t even believe our little butternut is that old already. i’ll talk lots more in her next “hear hazel”, but things are looking decidedly brighter over here!

• last week, josh, hazel and myself took our first trip post-baby to denver. i shot an engagement session (which i can NOT wait to show you tomorrow), we had our photos taken by the fabulous megan wynn and we visited with one of josh’s good friends.

• josh opened smalley coffee a couple weeks ago! it has also been a labor of love (that’s one way to put it!) and we’re both so relieved and happy that it’s finally open.

• i’m back shooting, with 2 engagement sessions under my belt, as well as a family with another familiar family this afternoon! i won’t lie, it’s been overwhelming getting back out there with hazel at home, but we’re working through it.

that’s a quick catch up! come back tomorrow to see an absolutely stunning engagement session and i promise more site details soon!


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