weekend roundup

does anyone else feel like the weeks are moving at warp speed lately?! i guess that’s how summer has always been. when you were little, summer break seemed like a few weeks. now, as an adult, we’re not afforded the luxury of an extended vacation, but the fact that days and weeks seem to be crammed to the brim with activities and “stuff” to do makes the weeks just evaporate. (can we just pause and admire how beautiful those portraits are?! i was SO thankful for literally about 8 minutes of cloud cover for the photos below.)

i’m so excited for a long weekend this week, however, long weekends give me a little bit of heartburn knowing that i should get the same about of editing done in less days.
on to things of note!
• thanks to some neighbor kids lighting bottle rockets off every night at 9pm for the past few nights, beau has been reminded that his absolute least favorite holiday is upon us. andthatissonotcool!
• i shot laura and craig’s wedding on saturday and it was absolutely lovely. from the flowers, to laura’s dress, to she and craig’s equal parts seriousness and fun, it was a great day.
• 3 cheers for iu who had 2 players go in the top 5 in the NBA draft this past week. what a great day for iu athletics and indiana university. although, man, i’m going to miss victor oladipo.
• speaking of victor, have you guys seen this piece he did with google glass? so.stinking.cool.
• we’re headed to cincinnati on thursday to make and ikea run for the airstream and i can’t wait to add 21 c cincinnati to my repertoire.
i hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of july holiday this week/weekend! oh, and, happy monday!

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