The Rogers | Rosemary Beach Wedding

The Rogers Blue Rosemary Beach Wedding The Pearl was absolute perfection. This summer has been one of gorgeous weddings and couples. Would you believe me, however, if I told you I was just getting warmed up? (Quite literally since they’ve ALL been outside and I’ve never sweat more, but that’s neither here nor there.) I first met Natalie at her now sister-in-law’s wedding last summer. I remember thinking first, how beautiful she is, bc duh. And as the day went on, I got to witness what a cheerleader she was for Abby (and then Ashley a couple months later) and just a genuine, kind, strong human being. I would be lying if “Man I want to shoot her wedding” didn’t cross my mind.

For those familiar with 30A, Natalie and Luke’s wedding venue will be very recognizable. The Pearl is the crown jewel of Rosemary Beach and I had to pinch myself numerous times. To say their entire day was a dream is putting it mildly. These two don’t take a bad photo and when you pair that with a gorgeous venue, perfect weather, and coordinating guests (thanks to the request that guests dress in shades of blue to be Natalie’s “something blue”), something magical happened. One of their friends came up to me during the reception and said “your life just seems SO FUN.” Through the tiredness and sore feet/back, I had to sort of snap myself out of that and remind myself that, YES. My life is SO SO fun and I’m really grateful.

This is now my third Rogers wedding and I’m a bit sad there aren’t any more. I feel like an adopted cousin to some of the best people I know. It’s been a huge blessing in my life and I’m so thankful you even brought me to Florida.

Oh and one last thing: If you don’t scroll long enough to see the most epic sunset session of my career, you need to have your head checked! The Rogers Blue Rosemary Beach Wedding The Pearl was one for the ages.

We had a really great team from near and far!

  • Ceremony: St Rita’s Catholic Church
  • Reception: The Pearl, Rosemary Beach
  • Flowers and Decor: ShowTime Events
  • Marquee Letters: AlphaLit Emerald Coast
  • Invitations: Truly Engaging
  • Cake: The Pearl
  • Dress and Jewelry: Grace Loves Lace
  • Hair/Makeup: Swoon Styles
  • Tuxes: Siebert’s, Jasper
  • Wedding Film: StoryLive Productions
  • Planner (and all around HUGE help): Ashley Stewart

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