when i first decided i wanted to really do this photo-thing, i booked mainly families which was what i thought i really loved. that first year a delightful couple took a chance on me (my words, not theirs) and it’s a chance i am forever indebted to. that year i shot a couple weddings and […]

the day started off rainy. it had been gloomy all week, so why wouldn’t it be gloomy the morning of the wedding? but, i assured mindy all morning that it will.not.rain and everything.will.be.perfect. darnit. and wouldn’t you know it? the second we stepped outside for portraits, the sun actually made its presence. i feel that […]

holy cow, where do i begin. i’ve been busting my bum to get these images edited by tonight since paige+chase leave for their honeymoon this weekend; i really wanted them to see before they left. so, happy pre-honeymoon! hopefully these will remind you of how awesome, memorable and special your day was. i overheard someone […]