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holy cow, where do i begin. i’ve been busting my bum to get these images edited by tonight since paige+chase leave for their honeymoon this weekend; i really wanted them to see before they left. so, happy pre-honeymoon! hopefully these will remind you of how awesome, memorable and special your day was.
i overheard someone at the reception say that paige and chase were “just meant for each other….two peas in a pod.” that couldn’t be more true. i know i was just hired help, but i was SO SO thankful and happy just to be a part of their special day. they ooze happiness, joy and so.much.love.
i wish nothing but the best for the two of you+kenzie. xoxo.


paige made her headband. how awesome is she.
meanwhile, the boys were getting ready. and by getting ready, i mean, drinking bloody marys.

IMG_7767f IMG_7774f

so two days before the wedding, their transportation canceled on them. i know. so their resolution? a hay ride. seriously. most awesome couple ever.

IMG_7652f IMG_7887f

this might be one of my most favorite photos i’ve ever taken.

IMG_7914f IMG_8064f

these guys are in love with each other. seriously.


IMG_8158f IMG_8568f



so truth be told, i’m a bit of a softie. i was a little worried about how the emotions of such an important day would fair on me. i was a-ok, busy bee i was making sure i was covering everything, until this moment. chase gave paige’s daughter a ring symbolizing their unity, as a family. lots of tears were happening behind that black box of plastic.
i know this image is blury. and grainy. i have a better one. but this moment. this feeling. this is why i do what i do.
blingy blingy in the candy candy.
outdoor reception in the middle of october? daring. but high risks mean high payoffs like lighting like this:

IMG_9069f IMG_9126f


paige’s one request for her day was a sparkler picture. so a sparkler picture she got.


jasper, IN | october 16, 2010

dj  | James Emmons
cake  | Ruth Vaughn
flowers | “We ordered our own flowers from Green Thumb and Sherry Hartley put them together. The bridesmaids were artificial from Michael’s.”
hair/makeup |
“Dana Seib and a few other ladies from Tangles in Huntingburg did hair and Carolyn Donwey ( Mary Kay) did make- up.”


what was your favorite part of the day? “Chase and I really enjoyed giving Mackenzie her ring. We are a FAMILY now! My biggest relief was finally getting to the end of the isle. I was so afraid I was going to fall in front of everyone! But once I felt Chase’s hand it’s like all the worry just washes away…Chase says his favorite part of the day was… “Getting Married”…. We laughed through the whole ceremony because we couldn’t figure out at what point we were actually married.”
any advice for future bride/grooms?: “It’s so not worth all the stress… there were so many times I thought I would never get everything right, and you worry so much you forget to enjoy the process. Once the day actually arrives you realize that nothing that could go wrong could ever ruin such a special day and all the worry was for nothing! It’s an amazing feeling.”
thank you so much for having me as part of your day!


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  1. Cassie Henke says:

    so amazing, megs!!! i'm so excited to have you on our big day! you did such an amazing job!

  2. Sharon Dempsey says:

    OMG…now I'm boohooing! The picture of Chase giving that darling little girl her own ring!! Tissues, please!!!