i was in charge of desserts for an office birthday this past week and i knew immediately what i wanted to make: chocolate cupcakes with peanut buttercream frosting (recipe coming soon) and banana pudding from none other than magnolia’s bakery. i have been so lucky to actually have magnolia’s banana pudding (and a cupcake) and […]

would you believe i constructed this meal solely with ingredients in our cabinets. yay for a properly stocked kitchen! this came together in about 15 minutes and couldn’t be easier. the “recipe” came from my brain, as i was cooking, so i’ll do my best to recount it. ………………………. shrimp scampi serves 2 3-4 cloves […]

so i’ve gotta say, i kind of outdid myself today. not that i didn’t enjoy doing it. i used to be baking phenom, but it seems i’ve let it die down a bit. what better holiday then valentines (let it be known here that we don’t go crazy about it in this house. my “present” […]

josh’s birthday is this weekend (happy early birthday, biff) and since he was down here this past weekend, he got to choose his birthday dessert. obviously he went all american with apple pie; pretty appropriate for the weekend. the following recipe is from the famous green cookbook and never lets us down. we’ve made a […]

for this past weekend’s birthday celebration, i whipped up my (in)famous sangria. i decided to keep it classic that day; recipe as follows. and, as you know, exact measurement is so NOT my style. birthday sangria one bottle light red wine (should probably use something spanish since it is sangria. however, i used a chianti.) […]