excuse me, where’s charlie? and mr echo? i wonder who will be added to this by the finale on the 23rd??? and if you forgot how they died, ew has a full writeup. via emily

in the spirit of the premier of LOST season 6, which is sadly the last season, i decided the blog world needs a how-to guide for throwing a LOST party. well, i guess it’s not so much a “how-to” as it is a “i think these would be cool to have.” the ajira ticket to […]

no, i’m not really sad, per-say, but i’ve been suffering from a case of the blahs, aka seasonal affective disorder, for a couple weeks. it happened to me during the winters in chicago, too. only when i lived in chicago, i attributed my funk to the subzero windchills, black snow, wind so strong and sharp […]

completely ironic that while i was prepping my post for how to throw a LOST party (oh yes i did), these popped up in my google reader. amazing. the purple smokemonster is my personal favorite. via

this is bound to stir up some controversy. locke as jesus? oh man. for the record, i love this shot. just saying.