no, i’m not really sad, per-say, but i’ve been suffering from a case of the blahs, aka seasonal affective disorder, for a couple weeks. it happened to me during the winters in chicago, too. only when i lived in chicago, i attributed my funk to the subzero windchills, black snow, wind so strong and sharp you’re certain it sliced your down coat in half and the ever-so-enjoyable showering of half-frozen slush all over said sliced in half down coat, thanks to the always late 22 bus. overdramatic? never. for real.
my current seasonal affective disorder is somewhat of a mystery to me. i get to park in a garage (cue choirs singing), back up, i don’t have to wait for the 22 (choir still singing), i park about 5 feet from the door of my office (yep, still singing), we don’t get enough snow here for it to consider turning black and the lowest windchill temps we’ve had here are still higher than the average real temp in chicago.
maybe my funk is due to the fact that i’m suffering from SAD provoked by me missing my SAD i suffered when living in chicago, mainly bc, well, I WAS LIVING IN CHICAGO.
nevertheless, here are my coping mechanisms i use to trudge through these grey winter months.

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