how to throw a LOST party

in the spirit of the premier of LOST season 6, which is sadly the last season, i decided the blog world needs a how-to guide for throwing a LOST party. well, i guess it’s not so much a “how-to” as it is a “i think these would be cool to have.” the ajira ticket to guam is obviously a must, because how else are you going to time travel? once you get to the island, you can throw a whole fish wrapped in a banana leaf on the grill. and for dessert, crack open a few coconuts and fill with a tropical semifreddo. and how about one of these shots every time you’re flashed to the past, present or future?
in all seriousness, i am both excited and saddened for the arrival of the last season. i’m excited to have some mysteries solved, but let’s be honest, how will i get my jack/kate/sawyer fix when it’s over? i’ll let you ponder that while i drown my sorrows in some dharma cola.

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