what's in a name?

in an effort to bring my personal website to a more professional (read: awesome) level, i have done a complete redesign from the ground up, of my personal site, meghanhochgesang.com. go check it out, i’m pretty proud of it. it’s got a way to go but the end is nigh. along with a new website, my amazing boyfriend so kindly offered to build me a new blog as well. he hates prefabbed blogs, and would love to make you a blog, too. there’s your plug, biff. oh and here’s a teaser of the new blog just for you:

anyway, back to my point. i designed this bigger, better, more awesome blog and now i’m stuck on the name. i’ve been ‘seemeghanblog’ (and if you’re wondering, it’s a play off see spot run, which i used on my old website, seemeghandesign) since may and now i’m at a bit of a crossroad. do i keep ‘seemeghanblog’ or do i graduate to ‘mhblog,’ which is an extension of my personal ‘brand,’ as the url will simply be meghanhochgesang.com/blog. you’ll see once the new blog is totally ready to go that it really mirrors my professional site, which i feel is important. at the same time, however, i feel mhblog is really boring.
i’m enlisting the help of my readers, which is probably only my mother, to help me with this abnormally hard decision. and if you have any suggestions, email me or leave a comment!
ps: be sure to check back frequently because when the new blog is unveiled, i’ll be doing an amazing giveaway, compliments of the addict in my house.
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  1. Jill says:

    So excited for the unveiling! I’m not feeling the creativity right now, but if I think of any names, I will let you know. For the record, though, I like seemeghanblog.

    PS – love the newsletter designs!

  2. ellen says:

    Call me sentimental, but seemeghanblog wins!