Pardon me while I try to find the words to summarize Abby and Kraig’s day. Both Abby and Kraig have this light about them and seem to find a way to blanket everyone around them in that warmth, making them feel loved and appreciated. I’m not sure I’ve met another groom as happy (all the […]

Rachelle and Nick’s day was such a great one, to me. It was one of the most stress-free wedding days I’ve had, thanks, in large part, to how thoughtful and organized Rachelle is. And what sticks out most to me about Nick was his hilarious siblings are and how much he just loves Rachelle so […]

I’m not really sure where to start with this post. Because of working for the KlubHaus years ago, I knew Audra. And I always remember her telling me she couldn’t wait to have me take her photos one day. If you know Audra, you know that she goes after what she wants. 🙂 So fast […]

sharing a few of my favorites from staci + jerry’s wedding this afternoon! it was a family affair, in every sense of the word. i shot staci’s brother’s wedding 3 years ago so it was really nice catching up with their changing (and growing) family! thank you, staci and jerry for being so kind and […]

while it was boiling hot and i’m sure some little things went awry, erica and ryan’s day was so perfect. these two wear their love on their sleeve, which makes my “job” so easy. erica was one of those dream brides who booked me according to my open dates (one of those “she likes me….she […]