it was a baseball-filled weekend, per usual.  sparing the details, here’s a photo recap. saturday was spent running, baseballing, landscaping and sunbathing.  oh and more baseball that night.  the most obvious trend was outdoor activities.  i did not practice what i preach and did all these with no sunscreen on.  smart, meghan.  though i have […]

ben was so excited sunday. i promised him months ago he could be the first person (plenty of rodents have beat him to it) in our pool this season. he entered yelling “canon baaaaaaaallllllllll,” complete with the sandlot inflections. i love the grin on his face, you can tell he’s SO excited. other pics from […]

  sometime “accidents” happen when taking photos and they’re almost always a good thing. i actually didn’t really even realize until andrew pointed it out to me, but you can see his drawing reflected in the lens of his glasses.  oh so cool.  his expression and the fact that i was in his face with […]

please tell me you got the movie reference. if you didn’t, you’re an “L 7 weeeeeeeeenie.”   So ben had a big baseball weekend.  one game on friday and a double header on sunday.  we won’t discuss wins or losses, we only count the amount of fun that was had, right?  yeah, didn’t think so. […]