i’m not sure how i’ve been so lucky this summer to have been paired with so many AWESOME couples. coming down from heather+josh’s wedding, i was immediately looking forward to spending the day with makenzie and zeth. again, thoughtful people…makenzie, i believe, gave me/us our first baby gift. i was so taken back and knew […]

prepare yourself for a total photobomb of a post. #sorryi’mnotsorry, there is just too much good to share! we last left b&b in boulder where i shot their engagement photos. i knew brittany fairly well and had met barry before at past weddings, but didn’t get to spend time with him until our shoot. i […]

mother nature may have been the only person NOT on sarah+jason’s side on their wedding day a couple weeks ago. rain was forecasted all.dang.day. it started pouring about 20 minutes before i was set to leave for the church with the girls for photos which made me panic. hard. so i left the girls to […]

oh i just LOVE these two! last time you saw them, they were students. they’ve since graduated (again) from iu and are both working in indy.┬áit all came back to bloomington a couple weeks ago when amanda and brian’s family and friends watched them say “i do” in a tearful, heartfelt ceremony a rose well […]

meeting in high school, lindsey’s friends and family knew something was up when she just couldn’t keep herself from endlessly talking about a boy named “mark” who played baseball. after many nights spent “stalking” at league stadium, that sweet love transpired while in college at university of evansville. pardon the pun, but these two knock […]