springy toms

spring |spri NG|
1. the season after winter and before summer.
2. the season of the year following winter and characterized by the budding of trees, growth of plants, the onset of warmer weather, etc.
i found myself on the toms website this morning and i noticed they just posted the new spring styles. i’m LOVING the new linen classics and i am by no stretch of the imagination exaggerating when i say, i’d love to have all four of the above colors, to add to my grey pair. (my birthday is may 22…..). i also noticed they updated/changed their website. nice work! breath of fresh air to a company with so much wind in their sails.
if you’ve never taken the time to read the toms story, you’re doing yourself and the world a disservice. also, in case anyone would like to join me, i’ll be participating in their one day without shoes on april 8th. watch the video and i dare you to try to not want to participate.

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  1. jillhafeli says:

    Yup – Love Toms! I just ordered the Aira Cordones and I can't wait til they arrive!