girl about town

over the course of the past year, this winter in particular, i’ve grown a slight obsession with lipstick. my daily makeup routine is pretty simple, nothing too involved (which is ideal when sporting strong lips), but i love the pop of a really strong lip. i’ve been wearing mac’s brave red for a while, but i recently added girl about town to my stash and i’m a little obsessed. girl about town is from their new-ish “amplified” line and the colors are just that. AMPED up. mac is known for their concentration of pigments in all their products (especially lipstick and eyeshadow), making them the go-to brand for makeup artists and fans. it shouldn’t go without saying that an intense lip isn’t for everyone. i felt like a clown for the first couple of days, but i’ve realized that wearing something like that takes guts and guts i have.
this might be the place to declare my love for mac. they’ve been my main squeeze, as far as makeup is concerned, for nearly a decade (for real?!) and i’m not the only girl (or guy) who feels this way. as far as i’m concerned, to know mac is to love mac; there are no two ways about it. for my money, they are the best value and their products last forever (i just ate breakfast and drank a cup of tea and my pink lips are still intact). the best part? when you’ve gone through 6 of their products, take the empty containers back to the store and receive a free lipstick (how i acquired this recent “purchase”) or eyeshadow, while they recycle the materials. save the world and look good doing it. easy peasy.

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  1. pinktogreen says:

    So pretty; I love this look on you!