may iphone wallpapers

because april showers bring may flowers…

and because i’m the nice person i am, i decided to give a little treat to my readers who use iphones. (sorry “others”, i’m strictly a mac person) there are several ways to get these wallpapers to your iphone. if you’re not sure, directions are at the bottom.
happy wallpapering!

directions for wallpapering:
1) you can view this post via your iphone and simply click which image you would like. then when the actual link opens, press and hold until you can select “save image,” and then go to your settings menu to set the selected image as your wallpaper.
2) if you’re at a computer, click on the image you’d like, which will pull up the image link. right click or command+click to save as. save to your desktop and email it to your iphone and follow the directions above.
3) and finally, you can do the directions above, but save it to your photos folder and then sync your iphone via itunes.
or, alternatively, you can have your technologically saavy son/daughter do it. am i right, mom?

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  1. ellen says:

    Of course you're right…….. 🙂