lofty goals, 2012

i came across my “lofty goals” list from 2010 the other day; somehow i missed making goals for 2011. i’ve managed to do pretty well in the 2 years since i made it! the most improved? “book 5 clients for shoots”. i just tallied up my shoots from this year alone and i came up to 36. wow. even i’m stunned. i am so fortunate. in the same spirit, i’ve decided to create a list of new intents:
• create a legal business (insurances and all) and become better at managing my books (something i simply don’t do now)
• drink more water
• become more organized (in my home, my life, my business)
• save more $$
• book 10 weddings (i’m at 8 right now!!)
• carve out more time for family (honestly, i sucked at that this year)
• take more photos, even when i’m not being paid
• sign up for a photo seminar
here’s to an auspicious new year. i wish each of you the very, very best.

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  1. Mhson1978 says:

    Hey, This is Son, Did a search for 2012 to see and your blog popped up on the first page of Google result. Glad to see you are doing well Meg.! Happy New year