life: baby mia


i’m so excited to share these. baby mia is my 3rd cousin, once removed…or something like that. but for the sake of not being complicated, we’ll go with me being mia’s aunt. i grew up with mia’s mom, amy, and as i didn’t have a sister until i was 8 and amy only had an older brother, we were sort of each other’s sisters. i thought i would bust with happiness when she married pete and now that they have little mia, my heart is somehow busting a little bit more. she is so perfect and i can’t wait to see her grow. xoxo.
IMG_0596 IMG_0648


IMG_0555 IMG_0632



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  1. ellen says:

    2nd cousin, once removed, technically speaking…….but we don't adhere to those formalities in our family.
    Can't wait to meet her on Monday!

  2. Bhochgesang says:

    Beautiful photos!!!!! (I see some Amy Jo in one of them) Must be a great photographer that took these!