let's be honest

so things have been a little crazy around here lately.
i’m sure you’ve noticed; thanks for sticking around anyway.
i believe overwhelmed may be the best word for my current state.
you see, i managed to land a new job.
a new job i am very very excited about.
but at the same time, this new step makes me a bit sad to say goodbye to the people i’ve spent the last year with.
i will not, however, be saying goodbye to french lick.
i believe in what’s happening here, and you should too.
did you see that the entire colts offensive line (including receivers) were here last weekend golfing and spending “ungodly amounts of money” at the casino?
this conflict of emotions has me a bit torn; should i be excited or sad? is it ok to be both?
so my last day here is today. throw in my trip to st john, which i leave for tomorrow morning, along with several (hoo-freaking-ray) photoshoots coming up very quickly, i.am.overwhelmed.
it’s a good overwhelmed, though. i think. a LOT of exciting things happening.
though the rash on my face seems to have something different to say about the situation and it doesn’t involve excitement.
what’s the point i’m trying to make?
oh yeah. thanks for still reading. it means the world to me. but also, hang tight, because things are about to get a lot more awesome.
until then, i’m unplugging from the world for the next week. sunshine, sand and icy-cold beverages are exactly what i need right now.
i’ll see you soon. maybe sooner than later. i can’t help but keep you in the island-loop a little bit.

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  1. jules says:

    So happy.proud.excited for you! Have fun and just chillax for a week! 🙂