game changer


so, 60 years into the game (pun intended), mattel has decided to change the rules of *gasp* scrabble. players will now be allowed to use proper nouns; a rule highly frowned upon, until now. as an avid scrabble player and fan, i am annoyed by this revelation and must formally state that on my (wooden, turntable, collector’s edition) board, this new rule will absolutely not be observed. sorry, that means no jay-z (23 points) or beyonce (14). actually, i might allow beyonce, just because she’s beyonce, but that’s where i draw the line. if your vocab is so small that you need to resort to using people’s names, then you don’t belong at my table. or at least be able to take my sass as i beat you.

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  1. joshpremuda says:

    Um, you filed this under “Sports”? Scrabble is most certainly not a sport.

  2. joshpremuda says:

    this just in:

    time to unbunch your panties.

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