brittney + evan

brittney and evan’s day was another in which the weather gods must have been smiling upon us! as everyone knows, this spring has been challenging. when their day rolled around it rained all morning but magically, just before portrait time, the rain completely stopped and we were given perfect overcast skies.

their day was so personal, which i loved. not only did evan’s mother, father and sister sing for their ceremony, evan’s dad also married them. being a judge bestows you such power. add to that, evan’s dad’s rendition of “hallelujah”, personalized for the couple, i was literally on the verge of ugly crying–which never happens. i didn’t even notice how emotional evan’s dad was when pronouncing them husband and wife until i saw these photos. emotionally-filled photos like those are why i do what i do.

these two are so sweet and i’m completely grateful to have been the one to capture their day!

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