I can’t believe it’s here: my last wedding of the year. I had the pleasure of working with 19 amazing couples this season and all year I looked forward to closing it out with Lauren and Luke’s day. I actually grew up with Luke and even remember his mullet which was spoken of during his […]

Rachelle and Nick’s day was such a great one, to me. It was one of the most stress-free wedding days I’ve had, thanks, in large part, to how thoughtful and organized Rachelle is. And what sticks out most to me about Nick was his hilarious siblings are and how much he just loves Rachelle so […]

As Kristen began to make her way up the aisle, Jory, loud enough for most to hear, said “This is the happiest moment of my life.” Cue all the tears. Kristen and Jory’s day was the epitome of valuing what matters most: family. To them, it was about so much more than the two of […]

Lindsey is the sort of person who defines “to be known by Lindsey, is to be loved by Lindsey.” I may have just made that up, but it’s true. And while Lindsey’s love is huge, Kyle’s love FOR Lindsey is even bigger. He had the biggest smile on his face which didn’t leave all day. […]

As I’m sitting here shivering in my office, sipping a hot latte, I find myself smiling thinking about how hot the sunshine was on Alyssa and Kyle’s day. It was a day full of so much love, support and a lot of people so darn thrilled that Alyssa and Kyle were finally making it official! […]