views of dc: good stuff eatery


let’s go through a few facts:
i gave up meat (save for fish) about a year ago: fact
i feel better than i ever have: fact
if faced with a great steak or burger, i will fold: fact
after our jaunt through eastern market, josh and i moseyed (yee haw) up to good stuff eatery for lunch. good stuff was opened a couple years ago by top chef contestant, spike mendelsohn. spike was one of my favorites on the chicago season, mainly because he cooked real food. down and dirty, approachable food which is embodied at good stuff. since it opened, i’ve been itching for an opportunity to try it.
we both had the farmhouse cheese and we shared the handcut fries. the burgers were great, obviously handcrafted as they were uneven and sort of fell apart; a very good thing. the fries were just ok. to me, a fry is a fry and they all have redeeming qualities, but josh is a little over the handcut fry trend. they have an impressive selection of flavored mayo; josh loved the old bay flavor and i believe said something along the lines of wishing he could dip his entire burger in it. the sriracha flavor, however, tasted like i was eating a spicy tuna roll with my fry. something to note: should you to go good stuff, and is obvious from the picture below, all burgers come with a pickle. i wasn’t aware of this fact and the picture is evidence of that. our final consensus? josh: he still loves five guys. me: see the final picture.




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  1. joshpremuda says:

    Fact: I most certainly dipped my burger in the Old Bay mayo. Three times. And, that was only because I didn't think of it sooner. As for Five Guys versus Good Stuff…I'm not sure. I guess they are all pretty much the same.