max wanger

josh pointed these out to me this morning, well he pointed out the giraffe version because i LOVE giraffes. obviously, seeing how they not only get dialogue written about them, but they also get scarves hand knitted as well. but i also LOVE LOVE LOVE the wish version. each t shirt design is based off a photograph and even comes with a postcard of said image. what’s better, the graphics or the fact that they’re printed on my most favorite (and most often worn) article of clothing? perhaps it’s a “forces combine to create a super human power” situation.
the site is a little annoying, go to fashion -> shirts and scroll through with the arrows at the bottom. can i just say right here and right now, to people with online stores who i’m sure LOVE getting shout-outs (you’re welcome): STOP USING FLASH SITES IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO EASILY LINK TO YOUR STUFF!!!!! flash-powered sites really get my goose.

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