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josh and i spent the weekend in dc, reacquainting ourselves with the city we each spent years living in (though separate from each other. convenient, right?). since we both lived there, the usual tourist traps were avoided (thank goodness) and we were able to focus on the places we both came to love. not surprisingly, most of these places involved food. i’ll be doing a full recap of the most pertinent (to me) places but here’s a fast overview: eastern market, good stuff eatery, georgetown (dean and deluca for an afternoon treat-oh wait, i had no treat bc YOU NO LONGER MAKE THE FAT FREE RICE CRISPIES??!?! wth???), matchbox (what happened to my old matchbox i knew and loved? duck for a special? come on…stick to what you’re awesome at: pizza), chevy chase (clydes for an afternoon cocktail), zorbas (eaten in-room with the oscars), a nice visit with my new “niece,” violet and finally, pizza paradiso for a redeeming pizza experience after matchbox. if you want a play by play of everywhere we went, you can follow my foursquare feed from the weekend. yes josh, you beat me, but i’m still mayor of hotel palomar. megomyeggo2 FTW!
for the most part, i’ll let my pictures speak for themselves (though i didn’t take and exorbitant amount of them). without further ado: eastern market.
i think almost all dc residents are familiar with eastern market. on any given weekend morning it is filled with flowers, meat, fresh pasta and cheeses, vegetables and PANCAKES. i’m all for going to extremes for food, but i couldn’t believe the line for their infamous flapjacks. i didn’t wait, though, we had plans for something more savory. even while i lived in dc, i didn’t spend enough time on the hill. i love all the bright row houses, colorful residents and history. i couldn’t think of a better way to spend a saturday morning: no objective in mind, just a camera in my hand and a boy at my side. note: how awesome would that meat case picture be in a kitchen or dining room? i’m totally serious. HUGE and on a canvas…
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