during the week, it’s really had for me to muster the energy (or time) to whip up a really complicated dinner. when i saw this recipe, i knew it was perfect for a fast, yet tasty, weeknight meal. as we were eating, i stated i’d make it for the next three nights, it’s that good. […]

i’m not sure if it’s the nearing of christmas, the dropping of temperatures or the settling in of our new house, but lately i’ve been craving comfort food and my number one comfort food is chicken pot pie. i followed this recipe and though the title suggests, i definitely wouldn’t call this “easy” chicken pot […]

one of my favorite things to do in the summer with my farmers market finds is to grill it up and make a salad out of it. i find myself eating these salads for days on end without getting tired of them. the mix for this sunday consisted of squash, onion, purple/white carrots (which i […]

josh’s birthday is this weekend (happy early birthday, biff) and since he was down here this past weekend, he got to choose his birthday dessert. obviously he went all american with apple pie; pretty appropriate for the weekend. the following recipe is from the famous green cookbook and never lets us down. we’ve made a […]