when i first decided i wanted to really do this photo-thing, i booked mainly families which was what i thought i really loved. that first year a delightful couple took a chance on me (my words, not theirs) and it’s a chance i am forever indebted to. that year i shot a couple weddings and […]

how adorable are these two? i was so excited when katie hired me for her wedding/engagement pictures because, in a word, she and her family are FUN. so.much.fun. katie and jeff are laid back, happy and enjoyable to be around. i can’t wait for your day!! get a load of that ring, will you? so.stinking.gorgeous! […]

gorgeous couple alert. these two made my job VERY easy. well, easy if you take away the 94 degree+full humidity obstacle. i must say, these two, especially nathan, were such troopers. june, in southern indiana, is not kind. hotness aside (unless we’re talking about their good looks), i had so much fun shooting j+n. nathan […]

i went to high school with paige, though hadn’t seen her since, and when she contacted me to do her engagement/wedding pictures, i was SO excited. she is exactly the kind of client i have ever wished for. she (and chase) were willing to do everything i asked of them and not once did i […]