in love: jessica+nathan


gorgeous couple alert. these two made my job VERY easy. well, easy if you take away the 94 degree+full humidity obstacle. i must say, these two, especially nathan, were such troopers. june, in southern indiana, is not kind. hotness aside (unless we’re talking about their good looks), i had so much fun shooting j+n. nathan is a recent west point graduate (can you tell? we were not short on sweat….or muscles), so only recently have they been in the same town for an extended period of time. did you know there’s a supposed 2% success rate for west point relationships? it’s a testament to them, i think; laid back but are so in love. it’s cute, really. and so are they.
ps, what’s a sure fire way to have a fun photoshoot? frozen cocktails (before and) after the shoot!
pps, i began and ended with my favorites. do NOT make me pick between them.

IMG_0062f IMG_0096f


IMG_0136f IMG_0129f


IMG_0116f IMG_0283f



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  1. Lindafschmitt says:

    The aunties love the pix. Cuties they are, especially the dawg!!!