this past saturday we took a (open-air jeep) ride up to the birdseye dairy barn. yes, dairy and barn in the same title. i know. they are known for more-than-generous sizing. so much so, that the “large” size won’t fit through the window and has to be carried out to the side door. i opted […]

this past saturday, josh and i had grand plans of (finally) celebrating my birthday with a nice dinner at sweet violet. but when it came time to make ourselves presentable, neither of us were game. instead? burgers and root beer at mason’s in nearby washington. a low key night was just what the doctor ordered. […]

i was in louisville for the derby a couple weeks ago (though, sadly, i did not attend. turns out, sugar does melt.) and while in town took a detour to maker’s mark and heaven hill for the day. if you find yourself in the area and are looking for something fun to do, i HIGHLY […]