field trip: mason's root beer stand

mason's rootbeer

this past saturday, josh and i had grand plans of (finally) celebrating my birthday with a nice dinner at sweet violet. but when it came time to make ourselves presentable, neither of us were game. instead? burgers and root beer at mason’s in nearby washington. a low key night was just what the doctor ordered. josh said the coney dog was amazing, as was my burger, but we were torn on the root beer. he thought it was great, i found it a little too vanilla-y. however, i didn’t let it go down the drain. obviously. i mean, it IS root beer after all.
oh and beau wanted it known that he gave it one paw up. pro: a nice cup of ice cold water big enough for him to drown in. con: no treats. he’s so picky.
don’t get me wrong, i like to get gussied up with the best of them, but sometimes a slice of americana is just what the soul needs.


coney dog


backseat driver

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