I’m not sure where to begin with Courtney and Cody. This year has been a doozy for all of us but I’m certain not quite as much of a doozy than for those lucky couples who had planned to be married in March or April, 2020. They were, in fact, one of those lucky few […]

upon zipping up her watters gown and taking it for a test twirl, micah proudly boasted, “you guys. it has pockets!” an obvious question came of what she was going to put in them. “snacks,” she said. but it gets cuter. after the initial reveal during her first look with joe, micah boasted, “it has […]

being around katie and jon, it doesn’t take long to notice that katie is jon’s rock. i grew up with jon and seeing him in the light of katie and their now marriage was really wonderful to witness. everyone deserves to meet their person and getting to photograph that on a weekly basis is what […]

michelle comes from a big family (i mean big) who really loves to spend time together. not everyone is ok with such…togetherness, but for them it’s a way of life. a couple years ago, michelle brought her “friend” derek home for strassenfest weekend (the huge german festival every august held in jasper). anyone who’s shared […]