since dad coached ben’s baseball team and it was likely the last season ben will play, he had one request for father’s day: photos of ben playing. request fulfilled. he’s a cute little booger, no?

you know how sometimes people say/do things that are so stupid it leaves you dumbfounded? notice xs’s face after this comment from mr. foreground: mr foreground: (while holding a bat between his legs and hitting his cup with said baseball bat) ha ha.. ha.. it doesn’t even hurt! mr foreground then turns to see me standing there […]

friday was spend cheering on ben. he’s still batting 1000, right dad? 🙂 saturday anna had her final band-related contest in indianapolis; the symphonic band competed in the state competition. it should also be noted that they were the smallest school at the competition. they did great, super proud. sunday was spend mother’s day-ing, separate […]

i drove up to dad’s saturday afternoon, parked and saw this: target practice. target practice of the baseball pitching variety. what you can’t see, is a double pane window not 3 feet to the left of that target. good thing my brothers are professionals. or are they?

opening day (for andrew) in ireland (indiana). mmmmmm baseball season.