friends with her sister for a while, nathan was very excited when he heard sara¬†moved back to the area….and she was single. the two got together and quickly realized this was for keeps. they finally said “i do” under the most perfect vintage glam tent last saturday in front of their nearest and dearest and […]

while his two older brothers like to say otherwise, i think he’s one of the sweetest. and that’s a good thing because madelaine is the sweetest of the sweet. she is an elementary school teacher and embodies that personality through and through. in fact, most of my dancing photos are of her….and about 20 little […]

oh, joann and dexter….how do i put into words what capturing their¬†relationship has meant to me? from their epic story of how they first met to the way they have the most playful, joyous, yet most serious, deep, from the ground-up relationship. being around you is both and inspiration and a joy. from the moment […]

sometimes when i go to write blog posts for my couple’s weddings, i curse myself a little for not writing it right away since certain details and emotions disappear so soon, post-wedding. that does not pertain to heather and beau’s day. i can recall the way i felt all day, feeling so completely lucky and […]

i can still remember our first meeting a couple years ago (can that seriously be right?!)…we met at a local breakfast spot and when i walked in, shane had ordered me a bagel. a testament of him and his kindness to everyone and something i hold with me. cara and shane’s day was filled with […]