kyle is my last senior for the year! i was so sad when his session ended knowing this. i had such an awesome group of seniors this year and feel truly blessed! kyle is yet another awesome young man, even though he’s likely headed to that OTHER big 10 school up the road. i kid. […]

bradley is like a swiss army knife. which is fitting, considering he’s an eagle scout and even put is rope tying skills to use during our shoot. along with eagle scouting, he is a fabulous tuba player, he plays ultimate frisbee, and collects rubik’s cubes. oh and is a pretty nice guy on top of […]

i thought it only appropriate that on the first day of school here in jasper, that i blog luke’s senior session. i could overstate how i can’t even believe that he’s old enough to be a senior, blah blah. but what i could also do is completely brag on my awesome brother. over the past […]

you are about to be completely photobombed with gorgeous photos of sarah. when it came time to pick my favorites for this post, i just couldn’t stop! again, sorry, i’m not sorry. sarah is a bright, beautiful (tell me something i don’t know), smart girl. she’s very artistic and is looking at majoring in graphic […]

as i mentioned on my weekend roundup, hannah (left) and riley (right) were my ninth set of twins to have photographed. how cool is that?! i’ve known these two from the time they were just young pups running around church. they have since move bit up the road, but that doesn’t change what special family […]