a couple weeks ago, i got to spend a morning with emily shooting her senior photos. i’ve got quite a few seniors this year (something i wasn’t expecting and am SO thankful for) and so far, only 2 made me sit back and wonder how in the WORLD they can be old enough for senior […]

you might remember emily from when i photographed her family years ago. as in, in my first year of shooting! they’ve been faithful clients since and i was so excited when they called to do emily’s senior photos. emily is such an outstanding young woman. really. she’s full of personality, smart as a whip and…let’s […]

i haven’t been able to take on very many seniors this year and this lovely lady reminded me how much i absolutely LOVE shooting them. jordan is so full of personality and is wise beyond her years. she’s unsure of where she’ll be headed next year but will be majoring in business/accounting. how many accountants […]